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A Weekend of Traditional Tibetan Medicine Study in Tallinn

  This time last week I was in Tallinn, Estonia at the 4th International Congress on Sowa Rigpa or Traditional Tibetan Medicine. This conference was very ably organised by the Estonian branch of the International Academy of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, a … Continue reading

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Gathering Elder Flowers – A Herb for Interconnectedness

I have been gathering Elder flowers for the last week or so, on and off when the weather permits.  The fragrant clusters of white flowers appear in early to mid summer and are a valuable herbal medicine. Medicinal uses of … Continue reading

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Losar – Celebrating the Dawning of the Tibetan Year of the Male Water Dragon

As I write this it is the Tibetan New Year tomorrow.  Losar is a time to renew one’s resolve to practice virtue and generosity over the year ahead, as well as an excuse to have a family get together. Momo … Continue reading

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Rose Petal Honey

I posted a photo of my rose petal honey as a perfect Valentine’s Day gift and since then people have been asking me how to make it.  It is very easy really so read on…. Firstly it should be made … Continue reading

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Can Illness Be a Positive Experience?

No one wants to be ill. Illness causes us suffering and cramps our style. It is so easy to resent our body for succumbing and to think negative thoughts about it. All we want to do is to recover, preferably … Continue reading

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The Humours in Tibetan Medicine

I count myself very privileged to have studied Tibetan Medicine with the late Khenpo Troru Tsenam over a five year period at the Samye Ling Tibetan Centre in Scotland.  Although I later qualified in Western herbal medicine, Tibetan medicine has … Continue reading

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Time to Piece Together the Jigsaw

To achieve true healing it is essential that there is sufficient time to piece together a patient’s personal jigsaw.  In the West this should ideally be the job of the primary care provider, but with large practices, increasing administrative burdens … Continue reading

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Making Tinctures – Preserving the Vibrancy of a Practice

In my practice I like to combine Western Herbal treatment ideas with the energetics of Tibetan Medicine.   I carry a large stock of herbs each with their own unique balance of properties and I blend tinctures for individual patients. Tinctures … Continue reading

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Raw Cacao – a Herbal Medicine and Superfood

The medicinal use of cacao, or raw chocolate, originated in the New World among the Olmec, Maya and Azrec peoples. Cacao was used as both a primary remedy and as a means of administering other medicines in a more palatable … Continue reading

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Masala Chai

Masala chai or spiced tea made fresh cannot be compared to ready made chai tea bags.  The aroma of the spices is wonderful as you are preparing the tea, and that little bit of effort is well rewarded when you … Continue reading

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