Gathering Raspberry Leaf – A Herb Under the Dominion of Venus

Gathering Wild Raspberry Leaf above the village of Cattistock.

Today I gathered Wild Raspberry Leaf.  This is widely known as a herb to take during pregnancy in order to tone the uterus and help strengthen the efficiency of contractions during labour.  Rich in iron, it is excellent as a tonic to the expectant mother, whilst its astringency helps to reduce haemorrhage.  If you continue to drink Raspberry leaf tea after the birth, it will help to encourage milk production and reduce the severity of after pains.

Raspberry leaf’s astringency is also very useful to help reduce excessive menstrual bleeding.  This probably how I most use Raspberry leaf in my clinic.  I combine it with other herbs depending on the individual circumstances of the case, and it plays its part very well.

It is not surprising then that Raspberry Leaf is considered to be under the dominion of Venus.  It is generally known as a herb for women’s issues.

If you look at Raspberry leaf you will see that the undersides of the leaves are very pale, and this helps to distinguish the plant from its close relative the Blackberry.   On a moonlit night you will notice that Wild Raspberry seems to glow compared to the surrounding vegetation.  You could rationalise this and say that this is entirely due to the pale undersides to the leaves, but I can’t help having more fanciful notions to do with the moon, and Venus and the Doctrine of Signatures.  Mugwort also has this moonlit glow and this is another herb under the dominion of Venus.

Raspberry leaf is not just for women though.  It is a very good astringent so it can be used to help ease diarrhoea or soothe inflammation.  I am a big fan of using Raspberry leaf to reduce pain and inflammation in the throat.  Just sipping the tea or taking the tincture will bring almost instant relief, even in tonsillitis.  This property has saved the day more than once for patients who are professional singers, and closer to home when my children were in the village pantomime and needed to sing their hearts out several nights in a row.

Wild Raspberry looks quite different from Blackberry.

If you are gathering Raspberry leaf you need to be sure that you have identified it and are not confusing it with Blackberry.  Although Blackberry can be used for the same purpose, Raspberry is generally more effective.  Look for upright stems and leaves with a pronounced point at the end.  The young stems are pale with rosy coloured prickles, and then there are those pale leaf undersides.

I gather Wild Raspberry every year and it is a very important part of my dispensary.  I recommend that if you are interested in foraging you get some in as well and dry it for use in teas throughout the year.

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About Myrobalan Clinic

I'm Lucy, a registered medical herbalist with a full time high street practice in Castle Cary, Somerset, UK. I combine Tibetan Medicine with Western Herbal Medicine in order to help my patients treat the underlying reasons for their illness, rather than just suppressing the symptoms. I grow or gather around 75% of the herbs that I work with in my practice, and I make every single tincture, capsule, tea blend and topical treatment that I prescribe to patients. I'm an absolutely passionate proponent of self sufficient herbalism for its many benefits; including those relating to the environment, our connection with herbs and for the exceptional quality of medicines that it enables us to produce. My book, 'Self Sufficient Herbalism', published by Aeon Books, explains why as well as providing a detailed step by step guide as to how to go about this way of working. I love my job - it's so rewarding to see people taking control of their health and feeling healthier and more positive.
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2 Responses to Gathering Raspberry Leaf – A Herb Under the Dominion of Venus

  1. dittander says:

    Interesting that you mention raspberry leaf glowing at night, I hadn’t noticed that before. I have heard similiar things said about yarrow, as the flowers can also be seen easily in the light of the moon. This helps the moths to find it at night for pollination, but apparently yarrow is also under the dominion of Venus and used frequently for gynaecological treatments, which fits the pattern…

  2. Great – Thank you for your comment! There is always so much to learn and understand with herbs. I need to go for more moonlight forays. I will be looking at Potentilla anserina which is silvery and is used in gynaecological ailments, and I will check Alchemilla mollis and Capsella bursa pastoris. Once I understand which ones don’t glow in the moonlight as will as which ones do I will be able to start to piece things together better. If you gain any other insights in this please do share 🙂

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