More Than Just a Job

Being a herbalist is much more than just a job.  My life is filled with seeing patients, preparing tinctures, capsules and ointments, growing herbs in my field and gathering wild medicines in beautiful West Dorset.

Epilobium parviflorum is used as a specific for benign prostatic hyperplasia

I have to try to practice what I preach which means eating sensibly, keeping a good work: life balance and making sure that I exercise regularly. In theory if I am healthy and full of energy that is probably the best advert for my clinic.  It doesn’t always work out like that, but that is the intention.  Luckily for me I believe that there should be moderation in all things including moderation!

In this blog I hope to share with you the different things that go on during the year behind the scenes here at the clinic, whether it is pulling nettles at my field or recreating an ancient Roman ointment. Sometimes I will share a new insight that I have gained into a health condition and other times I will report on a new gluten free recipe or dairy substitute.

I think that herbs hold a special fascination for us all because they are a part of our heritage.  It is especially magical to see the transformation from the fresh plant to active medicine.  I am fortunate because living in a very rural area I have the ability to use fresh plants in my practice, only buying in herbs when I can’t grow or gather them myself. I hope that by sharing some of this with you it will inspire you to see herbs in a different light.

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About myrobalanclinic

I am a registered medical herbalist who uses a unique approach combining Tibetan Medicine with Western Herbal Medicine. I love my job - it is so rewarding seeing people taking control of their health and feeling healthier and more positive. I like to think that I help people get more out of life.
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